Estonian Landscapes: Lowlands

E-learning object of 0.1 study weeks
National Curriculum of Tourism
Module of Vocational English / ESP

The present e-learning object is meant to be a tool for tourism students to prepare presentations and explain the main features of the Estonian landscape forms - lowlands.

One of the goals for the ESP module is to provide appropriate English phrases to be able to speak on the lowlands as the Estonian landscape forms to incoming tourists.

The e-object is linked to the 80-hour course in Estonian "Estonian landscapes".

The material is presented by phrases. The students` task is to structure and organize them, paying attention to, both contents and format.

Task 1: Fill in the gaps to learn the phrases

Task 2: Compile the Estonian - English dictionary

Task 3: Prepare and give a presentation

The e-object also attempts to contribute to developing the learners` general competencies by building their interest in the Estonian landscapes, including lowlands.

Lowlands in Estonia

Created by:

Annereet Paatsi
Vocational Teacher of Tourism

Aime Jaagus
Teacher of English


Tartu Vocational Education Centre 2012 








Creative Commons License