Historical Sights and Places In and Around Tartu


E-learning object of 0.1 study weeks,

National Curriculum of Tourism
Module of Vocational English /ESP

The present e-learning object is meant to be a tool for tourism students to prepare presentations on the history of Tartu in English.

To build a bridge between the modules of Estonian tourism geography and Vocational English/ESP, the present e-learning object refreshes the learners` knowledge of culture and history, providing the overviews and relevant phrases on the historical periods and events in Tartu. Prior to preparing presentations, some tasks should be fulfilled to practice the vocab and remember the historical landmarks:

Task 1: Fill in the gaps with relevant words or phrases

Task 2: Match the events with the historical period

Task 3: Prepare a presentation on a certain historical period

In the course of the tourism geography module the learners have studied Estonian culture and history, they have also learned the cultural heritage of the Estonian touristic regions and their closest neighbourhoods.

In the vocational English/ESP module the learners give presentations to achieve the target of being able to speak fluently on tourism-related topics, including local history and culture.

The object also attempts to contribute to develop the general competencies of the learner by building interest in local sights of history and culture.


Coat of arms of Tartu


By doing the tasks the learner

- can give a presentation on the history of Tartu to our foreign guests
- can use the appropriate vocab to speak about the historical topics
- is able to visualize/find/show important historical sights and dates in Tartu

To give the core of historical events, 23 periods are described by featured phrases.

Created by:

Aivar Lippmaa
Teacher of History

Aime Jaagus
Teacher of English

Maarja Kask
Educational Technologist

Tartu Vocational Education Centre